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“Windchimes,” by Vladimir Zhikhartsev and Vitaly Ledev 2007 World Ice Art Championships.

“Wind Chimes,” winner of the
abstract/single-block catagory at
the World Ice Art Championships,
Ice Alaska 2007. By Vladimir Zhikhartsev and Vitaliy Lednev
of Russia.

Photo credit: Rhonda Konicki
for Ice Alaska

Vladimir Zhikhartsev was born in Krasnodar (near the
Black Sea), where he also received an art education. He lived in Provideniya for 11 years. In 1991, Vladimir began sculpting ice
in Fairbanks’ Ice Alaska events. As captain of the team, he has since won People’s Choice and Artist’s Choice awards, and 13
gold medals. In 1993, he and Nadya Fedotova began doing ice sculpting demonstrations in Fairbanks schools. Vladimir is now
Ice Alaska’s sculpting instructor. In 2002, he participated in the Winter Olympics ice sculpting competition in Salt Lake City,
Utah and the Italian Winter Olympics held in Pragelato, Italy.

Vladimir’s sculpting team for “Good Omen” included Nadya Fedotova and Andrei Trifonov of Russia.

Nadya Fedotova is Vladimir’s partner and has been sculpting
ice in international competitions since 1993 and had been an award-winning team member for years. Together they sculpted “Cossack Dancers,” in 1999 for Ice Alaska.

Vitaliy Lednev has worn many hats. He was a sculpture instructor at Izhevsk University, a designer at a poly-graphic firm, and now, in the summer, he works as the head of a marketing and public relations department. In the winter he can be found designing and building ice parks in Russia. Since 2003 his teams often place at the top in the World Ice Art Championship’s competitions.

Andrei Trifonov was born in Moscow and graduated from the Fedoskino Art College, specializing in miniature paintings. Since 1995, he has worked in Provideniya as an ivory sculptor. He has participated in many art festivals and exhibitions. In 1998 World Ice Art championships he won the gold medal, Artist’s Choice and People’s Choice awards.
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