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“Kai Tormikoski and Mauno Akhkisalo's sculpture "Four Seasons" 4 ice panels with simple elements of weather carved into them, representing the seasons. Kalajoki, Finland 2004. Here is a detail of a panel with a tulip on it.

“Four Seasons,” detail of Spring and Summer panels.

Photo credit: Kai Törmikoski
Lumihukat Finnish Sculpting Team

Kai Törmikoski has been sculpting various materials in competition since 1990, this includes many national and international events. He sculpts in many different mediums: ice; snow; sand; clay; stone and others. In 1998 he had the distinction of being on a team that established a Guinness Finnish record, for the tallest sand castle, Varkaus, Finland, 3.69 meters.

Again in 2000, he set a world record for the tallest sand castle, 8.83 meters. He has traveled between Finland and Russia for summertime snow sculpture contests, Winter Solstice events, and fire sculpture events. Kai is a self-educated artist and works as a “graphic operator,” making maps on the computer.

In Finnish “jäänveisto” means “ice sculpting.” Kai is a member of “Lumihukat,” a sculpture team. They have practiced snow sculpting since 1990. During the past years they have used also other materials such as fire, ice, sand, clay, wood and sandstone. The team consists of about fifty sculptors. They take part of festivals in Finland and all over the world and they organize festivals and contests in Finland. Lumihukat also organizes different snow, ice, and sand sculpture courses in several local schools. http://www.geocities.com/lumihukat/

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