head for International Community Ice Art Exhibit_Technical Notes

Kai’s tools for sculpting ice.

Detail shot of one of the tools used in Kai's ice sculpting.

By request, photographs of some of Kai’s tools, above. Directly above is a chisel that Kai made himself.

Photo credit: Kai Törmikoski

Kai Törmikovski

It took three days to create “Four Seasons.” The first day was
for the planning of the piece. “We normally cut the ice with a chainsaw and lift it up by machine. The ice for this sculpture was provided by the contest organization,” said Kai. “It took two days (about 15 hours) to make the sculpture. We used tools such as chainsaws (three different sizes), Dremel tool (small drill), Air hot gun, and different type of chisels.” There is a grinding machine with steel-wire brush that was used to smooth the surfaces of the panels, and left traces of its brushing in a subtle texture on the surfaces of the ice. Like many ice artists Kai’s favorite tool is a one he made himself. It is a kind of chisel with many “teeth.” He says that it is “a very fast and quiet tool, human-powered only.” …to Artist’s Bio

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