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Kevin Gregory working on Junichi Nakamura’s team for “Aqua Queen,” World Ice Art Championships, 2007.

Kevin Gregory was part of a four-man team lead by Junichi Nakamura for the multi-block event, World Ice Art Championships, 2007. Junichi calculated that the large ice goldfish, “Aqua Queen,” would need to be lightened by about 1800 lbs. to stand on its small base. So Kevin carved his way into the center and hollowed out the fish’s body.

Photo credit: Steve Iverson
for Ice Alaska
From Ice Alaska’s “A Walk Through the Park, 24 Hours” 2007
Ice Concepts of Philadelphia Ice Concepts

Kevin Gregory and Antonio Young both did Culinary Arts Apprenticeships at the same resort called The Balsams, in northern New Hampshire. Although they were not there at the same time, they knew each other from the many meetings and events they both attended. It was here that they both got their introduction to ice. Kevin started carving ice in 1990, and Tony in 1994. In 1997, when Tony finished his apprenticeship, he decided to relocate to the Philadelphia area to join Kevin’s already established ice carving business called Ice Concepts. They both left their culinary careers behind and focused on what they were very passionate about: ice sculpture. They have worked side by side for ten years now and the business is, by far, stronger than ever. They sculpt ice for a living and do it for business six days a week/50 weeks a year. When competition season rolls around (January-March) they love to travel and do freestyle competition quality work and potentially win money doing it.
—Kevin Gregory and Antonio Young

Kevin Gregory studied culinary arts for 6 years before being introduced to ice sculpting while employed at The Balsams Grand Resort Hotel in 1990. Though devoted to culinary arts, Kevin's true passion became ice sculpture. In 1993 Kevin Started freelancing ice sculptures part time while employed at The Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. It wasn't more than a year before it became his full time occupation. Kevin's company, Ice Concepts, is now one of the largest ice sculpture providers in the east. With a full time staff of six, our 6500 square foot production facility is always bustling with production. Kevin has always been busy with ice sculpture competitions at regional, national, and international levels. Kevin has also competed in the Cultural Olympiad Event in two Winter Olympic Games, Salt Lake City in 2002 and Torino Italy in 2006, taking third place in each of the international events.

Kevin resides in Worcester Township Pennsylvania (an hour outside Philadelphia) with his wife and two young sons.

—Antonio Young’s biographical statement was not available.

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