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"“A Winterlude Fantasy,” lit at night by green and yellow lights. Full-sized ice carriage by Kevin Gregory and Antonio Young.

Kevin Gregory and Antonio Young’s fantastic collaboration for Ottawa’s Winterlüde Festival, “A Winterlüde Fantasy,” 2003.
Photo credit: Ice Concepts of Philadelphia
Ice Concepts

Kevin Gregory and Antonio Young
The image of what looked like Cinderella’s ice carriage was forwarded to us by a viewer. It was found on the Winterlüde Ice Festival, Ottawa site. It was amazing to learn that it was hand carved. There was so much detail on the carriage, and the wheels and body of the carriage were so truly round, it was hard to believe that it wasn’t done with use of molds. This work stood out for its fantastic crystalline fairytale quality and presence. It is amazing that it stood in the sun and survived! …more

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