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Colorful ice sculpture of “A Little Help,” ice carving of a lion being helped by two small mice, who are taking a thorn out of his paw. Viewed at night and lit with colorful light. Heather Brown and Steve Brice’s entry in Ice Alaska’s World Ice Art Event, 2007. Photo by Heather Brown

“A Litte Help,” by Steve Brice, Heather Brown for Ice Alaska’s World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska 2007, single-block/realistic division.

Photo credit: Heather Brown

Steve Brice and Heather Brown

Heather and Steve’s work is notable for its great surface textures, matte vs. shiny finishes, its strong realism and proportion. Their sculpting teams are consistent winners at Ice Alaska’s World Ice Art Championships. Their artist pages are a little different from the others because Heather and Steve have done so much of their work together. Their pages are rich with imagery and text. There were team members worthy of note and they are noted briefly. Unfortunately, time doesn’t allow full follow-up on them. We were introduced to the work of these artists through Ice Alaska’s website. …more

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